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New industrial rectification technology Linas was developed around 14 years ago by creative group of engineers. Linas technology is based on film rectification and has excellent separation of fractions, saves energy and reduces height of rectification tower. Indeed Linas technology is first example of industrial film rectification in the world.

Linas rectification units for atmospheric crude oil refinery

Group of companies Linas (Linas Group) carries out design, manufacturing, assembling and starting-up of rectification units with capacity from 50.000 MTY till 600.000 MTY on turn-key basis. Linas rectification units are based on Linas technology.

Linas rectification units are focused on highest yield of light products and diesel fuel. Any type of crude oil and gas condensate could be a feed for these units. Basic version of Linas rectification unit separates crude oil on three oil products straight run gasoline, diesel oil and black fuel.
Others type of oil products like kerosene, fuel for ships and so on could be separated from crude oil too. Advantages of Linas technology are presented here.

Linas units are reliable in industrial operation and have high resistance against corrosion (main parts of units are manufactured from stainless steel).

Linas Group performs the following works:

  1. Full design and manufacturing of rectification unitss.
  2. Assembling of the units at customer refinery area.
  3. Teaching of customer's personal.
  4. Starting-up of the units in industrial operation.
  5. Full design of whole refinery with atmospheric rectification units.

Linas technology could be applied for other types of rectification. For example, production of bioethanol, for production of solar silicon and other most claimed market products. The Linas Group constantly conducts a full complex of research, pilot and applied works on development of Linas Technology for industrial applications.

Photos of some Linas rectification units are presented below:

Photo of rectification unit SMR-65 belong to Chernigovskii refinery (Kemerovo region, Russia)

Photo of rectification unit SMR-50 belong to refinery SamaraTransNeft-Terminal (Samara region, Russia)

refinery SamaraTransNeft-Terminal
General View of refinery SamaraTransNeft-Terminal (Samara area, Russia) with capacity 250.000 MTY (two units SMR-50 and SMR-150). Linas Group executed full design of the refinery and supplied two units SMR-50 and SMR-150. The refinery is in industrial operation from August 2014

SMR-150     SMR-150
Photo of rectification unit SMR-150 (SamaraTransNeft-Terminal refinery, Samara region, Russia)

SMR-150     SMR-150
Photo of rectification unit SMR-150 (Astana-Oil, Kazakhstan, 2016)

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Photo of rectification unit KBR-50 (Tomsk region, Russia, 2018)





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