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Group of companies Linas

At moment Linas Technology is carried out by industrial group of companies Linas:

  1. ZAO NPP Linas-Techno
  2. ZAO Linas-Techno

Both companies are located in Novosibirsk (Russia).
Companies are independent legal entities. Both companies are connected by rights to use Linas technology for various commercial and industrial purposes.
Development of Linas technology was begun in 1993 on the basis of company NPO Linas. Later pilot and first industrial development of Linas technology was carried out on basis of company ZAO NPP Linas-Techno which has been established in 2000.
Later company ZAO Linas-Techno have been established. The company is focused on manufacturing of Linas rectification units.
Primary activity of Linas Group is based on commercial using of Linas technology. Linas units and other commercial products of companies are delivered "on a turn-key basis" with a full complex of the services accepted by world market.

Linas Group has the following value:

  1. Full package of know-how related to Linas technology.
  2. Linas technology is protected by Russian and foreign patents.
  3. Russian State rights on development of technological process, design of industrial equipments and assembly work in refinery and petrochemical industry.
  4. Industrial machine-building capacities for manufacturing industrial Linas rectification towers and rectification units.
  5. Experience of development, design, manufacturing and starting-up in commercial operation Linas rectification units. There is experience of updating existing Linas units to increase up capacity.
  6. Russian State rights to develop whole design of refinery.



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